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A report from Stefano Bucci on the 2011 Italian Championship as it enters the last few weeks of competition...

Towards the end

Here we are three weeks from the last stage of this 2011. A league for the moment just got emotions, surprises, great plays and that has not yet decided in almost any of its components. In fact, the struggle for the top, that for the last place to stay in A, through the much-dreamed sixth place, everything is still to be written. It 's true, we have some certainty: the relegation of Milan, and Amalfi, the Murcarolo which still has a shred of hope but it seems doomed to save (must do 9 points against Katana, Mariner and Amalfi and hope for a bad day against the Katana Milan , and Ichnusa Arenzano), the first five of the class that should contend for the position of the grid only for Milan. Here I would say that the certainties end and begin the many doubts that might give us a spectacular weekend. Let's start with the top order (the level of difficulty of the weekend goes from * to ***** stars):

Chiavari :**** soft drink with Bari (if one can speak of soft after remuntada miracles in the last 35 "against Cush in those of Bari), then come the main courses that we will truly know who will be the two teams already in the semifinals. In fact, with St. Nicholas and Posillipo if they see the beautiful, with the two claimants to the title that will demonstrate the vulnerability of the group led by Bellini. The Sunday, Mariner provides and Amalfi, in theory at least quiet the Mariner is not one of those days Palermo style. Since the Chiavari play a game more than their direct competitors, should be sure of one of the two squares, no small detail in view of Milan in the heat of the playoff weekend.

San Nicola: *** Start with the Academy could not help them as a distraction Bari (defeat against Bucci and Co.) and then prepare for the big match of the day against the defending champions. We expect a very aggressive San Nicola, eager to prove their strength in view of the playoffs. And what better way to finishing the series unbeaten Ligurian?! With Ichnusa Milan and instead should have no problems. Their will be a long sprint Roman (2 points have to be managed on the Posillipo) for that second place that not a few advantages to the playoffs in Milan.

Posillipo: *** Murcarolo, Academy and Chiavari, three teams that historically are a challenge to the Partenopei. If they want to come in second place should get at least 7 points in those three games, not to mention the challenge of the Ichnusa Sunday that should not be too tricky. Key in the playoffs and the season finale we have to see what the state comes Pertusi (the strongest outside Italian with Porzio), because some factors would change with Fabio enrolled.

Kst Syracuse: ** Two stars for their trip because of the Roman "big" will address only the Florence when most of the games should already be done (third last game on Sunday). Potentially are less than 1 view from Posillipo the game in, and with an easier schedule to overtake the finish could be just around the corner. Be stressed, however, had a bad weekend in Palermo, which has made them lose touch behind leaders and distance from the other two big South will have to be aggressive and hope for some favorable results (eg a better X-Chiavari between Posillipo and San Nicola -Chiavari), although it is difficult to direct the semi-finals.

London: ** 9 points with Mariner, Amalfi and Katana could bring last head to head with the KST with nothing to win or lose. In fact, the way to the playoffs is assured, and the fourth square is unattainable unless an unexpected misstep of Syracuse against the "small". In Bologna they did theirs, the only thing I could ask from Rome is the definitive breakthrough by winning a direct confrontation, which car would you convince them and upload well suited for a playoff crackling.

Which brings us to one of the hot spots this weekend in the Coliseum: the derby for sixth place (but I consider it the Roman Academy Bari or that I have not yet understood ?!?).

Start with the Mariner :**** Florence is not very good, although in Palermo have taught us that nothing is impossible for them. Murcarolo Then, for a Saturday, I suppose, by 3 points (I doubt he can even with the miracle Toscani). The Sunday, is crackling with 3 games very interesting, even though the games could be seen already made a nightmare for the Saturday Academy. Ichnusa, Chiavari and final derby for the Armor Group, which with 3-4 points on Sunday would be the place to the playoffs guaranteed.

Academy :***** How can we not give five stars to a timetable that sees St. Nicholas, Posillipo, KST, Amalfi only easy game, and potentially decisive as the last derby match? Looking at it I think it is very unlikely their arrival to the playoffs, giving it good for the face Mariner 7 points over the weekend, Bucci and Co. would make it 8-9 (3 in some theory with Amalfi, 3 others in the derby must-win, and then we need 3 more from a company against one of the big). What do you think? Already, it seems very unlikely even if the ball is always round.

Here we are another hot part of the list, that the struggle for salvation. I believe that no prejudice can be considered, although the Ichunsa with a game in hand is a bit 'quieter of the others:

Ichnusa :**** weekend full of fighting and direct challenges to big. Katana, Bari San Nicola and paint a free Saturday that if the past means salvation (for free I mean undefeated in head to head). Sunday with Mariner and Posillipo instead is one of those tough, perhaps even with the Romans on the hunt for playoff points and the Neapolitans to another level worry for them. The fact remains that I think can be considered safe unless a group of hara-kiri in the locker room.

Arenzano: *** 3 points to the Amalfi before the Sabbath would be a real breath of fresh air that would allow them to get up from the area on fire. Then Syracuse, Bari and Katana with the last two Sundays. For them, the discourse is not the calendar, but it looks like: if George came down from England and was Tixe to 80% would not have trouble making 3-4 points between Bari and Katana, which would mean salvation. We must therefore see how they come to Sunday, though for me they too can be considered safe.

In fact I think the real struggle for salvation is from Bari and Katana, separated by 3 points but the Sicilians with a game in hand.

Bari: *** The trick is to Saturday Pro Rocks and Ichnusa, crucial match that should not be missed. On Sunday, instead of more direct confrontation with a Arenzano that may be more or less safe, and closing with Milan, which should lead to 3 points. So we'll point in their 6-7 weekend with a though: with Tom this much I consider them to save favorites.

Katana: *** They have to play a game more, and perhaps also have a slightly easier schedule. On Saturday and Ichnusa Idroscalo Sunday instead Murcarolo, Florence and Arenzano. Could weigh in their favor that should not have Murcarolo and Arenzano nothing more to say in the standings, so do not have a knife between his teeth. It 's really difficult to make a prediction, and I believe that only small details can make a difference, as the presence of Tom is that a player can shift the balance in this struggle salvation.

As for the last three but I think there is little to say: Murcarolo almost passed off as the calendar that provides Posillipo, Mariner, Katana, Syracuse and Amalfi. Speaking of Idroscalo Offredi and you just have to make a good luck for next year, knowing that they will honor this season until the end with honor.

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