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Little is known of how the Dutch canoe polo activity began. In 1976, one of the early players was a certain Fritz Jager, who played with Canoe Club Ossa in Heerhugowaard. He and other players used kayaks, played without buoyancy vests but used helmets with face protectors.

The Dutch version of the game was a mixture of the German and Italian variants. They, like the Germans, used a floating water goal, but it was exactly the same size of that used in water polo. The size of the playing area was about 30-40 meters in length and within 20 meters in width. Dribbling of the ball was used both by hand and by the use of the paddle, but like the Italian version, goals could only be scored by paddle use, and only by a player who did not handle the ball in his attempt to shoot into the opponent’s goal. In the case of handling the ball it would have had to be passed to another player who would have had to score with direct paddle use only. Tackling of opposing players was allowed, and Eskimo roll techniques were essential to the game. Games were played in swimming pools, on rivers and on lakes.

 WORMER TOURNAMENT                                     1985 POSTER

In the 1980’s, International tournaments were held regularly in Amsterdam and other towns and cities, with canoe polo clubs growing rapidly around the country.
In 1988 Fritz Jager retired from the game to become Chairman of the I.C.F. Canoe Polo Committee.

I.C.F. Rules were implemented in all games from 1992 onwards. Dutch canoe polo has emerged since then to be consistently one of the strongest canoe polo teams in International competitions.

The Netherlands are currently the World Champions in the Men’s category, having won in Japan in the year 2004. In 2005, the Men’s National team won the German Pentecost International at Essen, whereas the club team Deventer K.V., won the Charleroi International in Belgium.


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