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First SCF CP Referee Accreditation Course

After our return, I worked with SCF to set up a referee structure. We worked out an assessment system and a referee grading system, both of which are still in use today.

The inaugural SCF CP Referee Accreditation Course was held in May 2002. We had about 15 participants - some of whom are still contributing actively to the Singapore CP community. These include Chad Ong, Andrew Ng of TP, Stanley of SP, etc.

These referees officiated at the Nationals, held at Kallang Basin Swimming Pool. This was also the first competition where members of the public formed part of the audience. Canoe Polo got plenty of air-time at that competition. In fact, if you were driving along PIE, you could have caught a glimpse of the games.

The referees worked hard. Inevitably, there were some disputes over the referees' calls but on the whole, I felt they did a tremendously good job. Kudos to the referees who braved the sun and contained their fatigue to officiate so brilliantly that year!

That year set the stage for canoe polo and refereeing in SG.

Next Asian Encounter

I had a pleasant surprise when SCF invited me to join the National Team for the Asian meet in Taiwan in 2003. I was to accompany the team as an official. The team was largely made up of SP guys. And it was during that trip when I got to know those crazy SP guys like, Jackie, Izwan, Jonathan, Simon, Jackson, etc, better.

It was no surprise that Taiwan was up against Japan for the finals again. By some chance, I was asked to referee this game. Needless to say, the Hong Kong incident was still haunting me. But I psyched myself up and accepted the challenge. I can't remember who won the finals. But there were no unhappy faces this time. Both captains and coaches approached me after the game to thank me for the hard work and good game.

You cannot imagine how relieved I was after that game. I felt like I had somewhat atoned my mistake in the earlier encounter.

Future Development of SG Canoe Polo Refereeing

We managed to get more courses going over the next few years. More referees joined the stable. They helped tremendously in the course of their duties.

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