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Why I Decided To Be A Referee

Finally, I'm answering the question that prompted this long long post.

A few people have expressed surprise at how I'm still at it after all these years. I suppose I'm the longest serving referee in Singapore, having 5 years of experience under my belt, starting from my ICF accreditation in 2002.

So why do I do it?

The reason is simple actually - I love this game.

By conducting courses, training new referees and officiating at local competitions, I contribute to the Singapore polo community. And I enjoy giving back to the community because it has first given me many good friends and unimaginable loads of fun and laughter since I started playing in 1998.

If you think about it, we are Canoe Polo Singapore. Canoe Polo Singapore is us. If we do not step forward to help ourselves, who will? Without groups of people, who dutifully organise local competitions year in and out, who will the local teams pit their skills against?

I have heard many laments about how badly organised the competitions are, how lousy the referees are, how ugly the trophies look, how poorly scheduled the games are. The list goes on.

If you have a point to state and if you think you have good suggestions to improve things, please step forward.

I have tried to get players to step forward and contribute back to this sport we all love by signing up for the referee course. And many have done so. I hope they have enjoyed the process.

Signing up for the Referee Accreditation Course is excellent way for you to contribute to the community. Other ways include helping out during the competitions, joining the organising committee, etc. Regardless of your choice, it would be greatly appreciated. And you will know it when you see players enjoying themselves during a good game.

And that's because you made it possible.

So let's all do our small little part by helping out and contributing the community as best as we can. For if the Singapore Canoe Polo community does not help ourselves, nobody will.


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