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altHere are my attempts at explaining some attacking and defending tactics. It's all a bit idealised, but I think it's realistic enough. Whites are the defending team, reds are the opposition (attacking) team.

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altThe stuff in the sections below is what I've picked up and may have misinterpreted, best is to talk to gym staff. I haven't crippled myself yet, so hopefully the exercises below are ok!

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altI'll put more information up later, but to keep it simple for now, here are a few sessions. I have put one session in for, as I understand it, training in the lactic zone, aerobic zone and for training speed.

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Dip TurnThe text and videos linked to below from the Canoe Slalom Technique Library explain this stuff well so there's no point me adding more here! You can buy a copy of the DVD, which has gates on it too, if you fancy learning a bit about slalom.


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Dip Turn

Here are a few skills training drills and some tips on throwing.