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ThanksMany thanks to all those who have contributed to the site over the years and to all the moderators who actively monitor the forums on a regular basis.

Special thanks to all those members who have donated and helped to pay for the running costs of the site.


Super Moderators:

Thanks to ConorMartijn, Mike  and Santtu for consistently doing an outstanding job on the forums over the last few years!


Kade for designing the main logo Logo

Mauro for all his hard work designing all the canoe polo images in the Living Avatars.

Ken Chew on for use of their favicon favicon


Permission was always sought where possible to use the photos seen throughout the site. All photos are copyright © their respective owners. Thanks to the following for allowing use of their photographs -

Training Articles:

Thanks to G Roberts for allowing us to post his training articles on this site.


Thanks to Clyde for granting permission to republish his interviews from his site


Huge thanks to all the open source developers at

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