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Shot Clock - Equipment
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TOPIC: Shot Clock - Equipment

Re: Shot Clock - Equipment 02 Jun 2011 12:05 #7

  • Agility
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Hi all,
Agility Skills is preparing a scoreboard and shot-clock satelites designed specifically for kayak polo. If everything will succeed, we will be able to show it in Essen 10-12.06.

General specification:
- fully portable
- splash proof
- controlled with PC (dedicated application)
- wireless controller for shot clocks
- main board connected with 60sec satelites (shot-clock resetes, stops and resumes with the main clock)
- 20,40,60 sec sound signals
- different sound signals for shot clock and end-game
- penalty clocks (2 for each team on main board)
- 220V or 12V power supply (both main board and satelites). There will be possible to supply the main board and satelites with the same battery (emergency power) or main board and satelites separately (long-life)
- HQ LEDs (excellent visibility)

It will be possible to use both main board and satelites separately (it is not needed to buy both main board and satelites)

It seems like it meets your requirements ;-)

The second thing is that we are preparing an application which will allow you to manage the tournament (preparing game protocols etc.).

Best regards!
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Re: Shot Clock - Equipment 04 Jun 2011 10:26 #8

  • BAS
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Hey Clyde et all,

For Flanderscup and HIT we bought 2 shot clocks for the two organisations according to the new regulations. (20 sec, Time out,...)
We will rent 2 other clocks elsewhere and we will have 4 clocks for Flanderscup end of June.

Next week we will have the first pictures and more technical information. At Flanderscup the full set up will be used the first time.



Re: Shot Clock - Equipment 17 Jun 2011 17:21 #9

  • clyde
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Many thanks for the continued replies to this. So far the two ECA cup events both failed to have kit which fully comply with the written rules.
I am in dialog with Duncan Cochrane about this, and I was not involved in the initial talk about why our rules are different to those of Water Polo, but we have them and it's interesting to see how many options there are out there for us to buy the equipment at a sensible cost.

Sadly I wont be at Mechelen, but my 'spies' will so they can give me feedback on this issue.

I did see the Agility clock in Essen, but sadly every time I looked at it either there wasn't information or it wasn't working correctly. I understand the clock they had there was a prototype and it certainly looked interesting.
My only concern was becasue it is controlled by a PC, then the USB cable can no be too long.
The setup they have in Essen is very nice where the score board is on the far side, so all the spectators can see the clock, but the time keepers are facing it, so the connection wire is under water and would need to be quite long.
I think there are many different ways to do this, and in most cases we can probably overcome some problems.

I will contact Agility next week about their progress and wish them well.

Here in the GB we will buy some clocks in the same way as in Belgium where the competition organisers can borrow them from the Federation, so we want to get this as perfect as we can.

Anyone in Italy available to tell us what their clocks are like - I should have asked in Essen !


Re: Shot Clock - Equipment 19 Jun 2011 20:22 #10

  • Agility
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Clyde is right about the errors occured using our scoreboard. Luckily, it was a matter of software, not the scoreboard itself. We got the scoreboard on the day before Essen so we had no chances to test the device.

We are working on replacing the USB connection with rj45 or another net cable which may be much longer than 10m provided by USB. There will be also an opportunity to make a wireless connection as well so all the problems with cables will disappear.

Right now we are working on shot clock satelites and development of software. Hope we will be able to show it in Berlin during German Nationals.

Cheers everyone!

Re: Shot Clock - Equipment 30 Jun 2011 19:37 #11

Hi all!!!
An economic way is to download this aplication and run it in a computer and shoot it at a big screen (datashow). For regional and local games or tournaments it can be reasanoble used.


Re: Shot Clock - Equipment 20 Sep 2011 07:56 #12

  • Sean Mc
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Where are people buying their shotclocks? Are they getting them from sports timing companies or just getting them made locally?
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